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Building Control

Complete Building Control Ltd (CBC Ltd) provides a bespoke Building Control service tailored to the particular needs of each client. The requirements of the Building Regulations can vary greatly depending on the project type and specification. CBC Ltd’s Surveyors are professionally qualified with a wealth of experience in many different types of development, both domestic and commercial.

If requested, CBC Ltd will carry out a detailed plan examination. This fast and efficient process will provide the designer with reassurance that the requirements of the Approved Documents have been met, therefore Building Regulation compliance has been demonstrated. Additionally CBC Ltd can offer a high level of consistency across all projects, ensuring that the Building Regulations have been met no matter where the project is. For clients that operate through England and Wales this is essential.

If the client has a more challenging project, which falls outside the scope of the Approved Documents, CBC Ltd surveyors are dedicated to working with the design team to formulate a solution. The Building Regulation allow for flexibility when demonstrating compliance and CBC Ltd champion this by exploring an “alternative approach”.

CBC Ltd carry all of the statutory consultation on behalf of the client, the Water Authority and Fire Authority consultation.  This information is then collated and feedback in a concise manner. This will allow the design team to address any issues, if required.

When the construction commences on site CBC Ltd Surveyors will provide the required site inspections to ensure the work complies with all the requirements of the Building Regulations. The Surveyor will work closely with the site team to ensure that the inspection is requested at the right time so not to delay the site programme or add cost, unnecessarily.

Once the project has been satisfactorily completed, and all of the paperwork and certification has been collated, CBC Ltd will issue a Final Certificate.

Please contact us today, to commence with the legal paperwork to ensure your project can commence without delay and in line with your construction programme.

Fire Safety

Within any construction project Fire Safety is the most important consideration for the safety and well-being of human life. This may range from the basic installation of smoke detection within a domestic property to a full engineered solution for a multi storey shopping centre.

The Building Regulations Approved Document Part B deals with different aspects of Fire Safety, such as:

  • Satisfactory means of warning and achieving a satisfactory standard for means of escape for occupants in the event of a fire
  • Limiting internal spread of flame in a building
  • Ensuring the standard of fire separation within and between adjoining buildings is upheld
  • Ensuring that external walls/roofs have adequate resistance to spread of flame over external building surfaces
  • Ensuring a satisfactory provision of fire appliances to a building, together with ensuring suitable access is provided to assist the Fire Service in saving lives

At Complete Building Control Ltd we have regular meetings with the local Fire Service, to ensure all aspects of fire safety are adhered to on behalf of the client.

If you have any queries on the above or have any questions on Fire safety that you may think have an impact on your intended project then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 022 3096.

Pre Application Advice

Before making a full Building Regulation Application many Architects and Developers find it very beneficial to sit down and discuss the proposed project in hand. This discussion may even take place before a Planning Application has been made to the Local Authority.

Complete Building Control Ltd provides a practical interpretation on all of the Approved Documents under the Building Regulations 2010. This includes an assessment of the project focusing on key elements such as fire safety, thermal requirements and disabled access. It is designed to highlight potential issues that may affect a future building control application.

In the scheme of a project this information should prove very useful and eliminate any unforeseen cost at the design stage rather than having to rectify the work on site once the building has commenced.

Our surveyors are always ready to go through any project to assist the design team. We can comment on plans via e-mail, over the telephone or even arrange to meet you in your office. To find your local surveyor please click on the find a surveyor link and we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting with you and your design team.

Complaints Handling Procedure - General

Complete Building Control Ltd (hereafter referred to as “CBC”) has a formal complaints procedure which adheres to the Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors which is also referred to in the Building Control Performance Standards published by The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. The above Code of Conduct makes reference to a complaints handling procedure which includes a definition of a complaint according to the Construction Industry Council (CIC AIR Ltd).

CBC is dedicated to delivering the best possible service to its clients and has in place a Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) whereby internal complaints are handled. A procedure has been formulated to assist in resolving issues which may arise in situations where CBC have not followed the correct procedures or may have failed to meet their standards of working practice. The procedure assists CBC in taking the right action to improve the service provided to its client’s and to ensure that complaints are fully investigated and dealt with efficiently.

Complaints procedure can be invoked by the customer or end user if we have:

  • Failed to provide a service at the right time or to the standard expected of the service.
  • Failed to fulfil statutory responsibilities.
  • Failed to implement a decision.
  • Failed to comply with the Building Control Performance Standards.
  • Failed to abide by the CIC Code of Conduct.
  • Failed to follow the Service’s agreed policy or procedures.
  • Failed to take account of relevant matters when coming to a decision.
  • Unacceptable or discourteous behaviour provided by a member of staff or consultant.
  • Acted unfairly, discriminatingly or with bias or harassing behaviour.

Step 1 – Internal Procedure – Informal Complaint to Your Local Office

In the first instance, please contact your Building Control Surveyor via email at or by telephone 0121 212 3145 or his/her direct mobile number. If the complaint is not resolved, then it will be escalated by the Building Control Manager via telephone, e-mail and confirmed in writing as a formal complaint. The company’s contact details can be found on the website, or contact Head Office on 0121 212 3145. The company will acknowledge the complaint within 5 working days and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns either on site or at your offices. If required, a formal reply will also be provided within 10 working days following the discussion or meeting.

If you choose not to arrange a meeting with a representative, CBC will nevertheless ensure your concerns are investigated thoroughly and aim to provide a written response within 10 working days. If a delay is envisaged you will be informed and given an explanation as to the reasons why and the likely timescale in responding to the complaint in full. However, if you are dissatisfied with the response you receive you may wish to make a formal complaint.

If this is the case, please put your concerns in writing to the Managing Director, Melap Singh at Head Office (details of which appear on our website ) providing as much information as possible. Melap Singh and his Co-Director Clive Parker will elicit all the facts and circumstances associated with the complaint and provide a response to the complainant within 10 working days of the complaint being referred to them under this formal internal procedure.

Throughout the process, the Managing Director will closely monitor your complaint, which will be carefully recorded as part of the Quality Manual of the quality management system the company has in place (records of which will be kept for at least six years) for auditing and legal purposes.

Step 2 – Formal Complaint to CIC AIR Ltd

If you remain dissatisfied after exhausting our internal procedure, you may make a formal complaint in writing to Registrar at the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register Ltd (CIC AIR Ltd) 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT) more details can be found on their website

Please note that the decision of the CIC AIR Ltd shall be binding on the parties involved, subject to appeal.

Our Quality Management System ensures that any complaints are reviewed in order that we can continually strive to improve our services. We carefully monitor our client questionnaires in order to understand where we might be able to deliver a better service to our clients in future.