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Complaints Policy & HANDLNG PROCEDURE

  1. Introduction

Complete Building Control Ltd, hereon referred to as “CBC”, operates a formal complaints procedure in line with the Operational Standard Rules issued by the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), our Regulator. CBC will maintain and make available upon request, to any interested party its complaint handling procedure. Any person who feels dissatisfied with the service they receive from CBC, will be able to complain and have their complaint dealt with fairly and in a manner that can be independently audited.

This Policy & Procedure is set in place to assure clients of CBC, that should a complaint be raised against CBC, a procedure is in place to ensure that it is resolved efficiently and fairly.


CBC defines a complaint as “an expression of dissatisfaction by the client in respect of services provided by CBC and a failure to resolve the same within a timely period”. The complaint can be directed to the company or an individual employee. It is the company’s preference to resolve all issues raised by clients informally and with expedience. Clients who wish to complain about any aspect of the service that they have received from CBC are requested to initially contact the Building Control Surveyor or Project Manager who dealt with their project. Contact should be made either in writing or by telephone where the Building Control Surveyor or Project Manager will aim to rectify the complaint either immediately over the telephone, or by visiting the client within five working days. If a matter is raised by a client which cannot be resolved by informal means within five working days, the procedure detailed in this policy procedure below is to be followed for a formal complaint.

Matters that are considered complaints in the view of CBC:

  • Failure to provide a service at the right time or to the standard expected of the service.
  • Failure to fulfil statutory responsibilities.
  • Failure to implement a decision.
  • Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct for RBI (Registered Building Inspector) and Professional Conduct Rules for RBCA (Registered Building Control Approver).
  • Failure to comply with the Building Control Performance Standards.
  • Failure to take proper account of relevant matters in coming to a decision.
  • Dissatisfaction with an answer to a query or a response to a request for a service.
  • Discourtesy or unacceptable behaviour by an employee or Consultant.
  • Harassment, bias or unfair discrimination.

Matters that are not considered complaints in the view of CBC:

  • A Building Regulation technical assessment either on site or at plan assessment stage.
  • Misunderstanding, dissatisfaction or misinterpretation with the minimum standards set by the Building Regulations.
  • A decision of an RBCA where regulatory powers are being exercised.
  • Unsubstantiated criticisms of the scope or context of the RBCA service.
  • Criticisms of quality of workmanship (outside Building Regulation requirements for materials and workmanship) or building warranty items.
  • Criticisms which constitute a disagreement with, or a refusal to accept, a rule of law which the RBCA is applying.
  • Complaints and/or claims made against the Warranty where the CBC complaints process has not been exercised.
  • Criticism of decisions made by the local planning authority.

The above lists are not exhaustive but sets out typical areas of complaints or dissatisfaction received typically from clients.

  • Reporting Your FORMAL Complaint

If you are not satisfied with the response you have received from the Building Control Surveyor or Project Manager on your project in paragraph (2) above and wish to escalate the complaint formally then the following procedure is to be adopted.

  • You can register a complaint with CBC using one of the following methods i.e., via a letter or in an E-Mail addressed to Clive Parker Regional Director or any other Regional Director. Where your complaint is initially made by telephone, you will be requested to send a written summary of your complaint, so that we are fully aware of the nature of your complaint, and to provide any supporting information. Upon receipt of your written complaint, we will acknowledge this by email within two days. Clive Parker contact details are:
  • Office Contact: 0121 212 3145, Mobile: 07973 836 877,
  • E-Mail:
  • Once we have received your written complaint, we will then contact you in writing within seven working days of the receipt date. We will inform you of our understanding of the circumstances leading to your complaint. At this stage, a decision will be made on whether the complaint requires further investigation or if it falls outside of the scope of CBC’s view and therefore if there is no further action for us to take. If no further action is taken, your complaint will be closed, and you will be advised of this in writing. However, should you have any further information that becomes available, you can submit this to us for a further review.
  • If CBC decides that the complaint is valid and requires further investigation, a response will be issued within twenty-one working days after the seven-day review has been completed. The person dealing with your complaint will write to you to inform you of the outcome of the investigation and to let you know what, if any, actions have been or will need to be taken to resolve the complaint. The complaint will also be recorded on our complaints log contained within our quality management system.
  • Should you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the formal complaint investigation and decision, you have a right of appeal for an independent review of the complaint to be considered by the Managing Director of CBC on appeal and to be made in writing or E-Mail.
  • If you wish to lodge an appeal to the decision of the formal complaint, please contact Melap Singh Managing Director, Office Contact: 0121 212 3145, Mobile: 07970 138 792, E-Mail: as soon as possible. An appeal decision will be issued within ten working days following receipt of an appeal in writing.

CBC’s role as a RBCA is to provide guidance and assistance in relation to the Building Regulations and to carry out reasonable checks to ensure that any building works undertaken comply with these Regulations. However, we do not provide a guarantee of compliance with the Building Regulations. We certify that, as far as can be reasonable ascertained, the works meets the functional requirements of the Building Regulations.

To discharge this duty and allow us to issue a Final Certificate, we conduct a detailed assessment of any architectural working drawings issued upon request and carry out periodic risk-based site inspections during the construction phase. These inspections are made to carry out reasonable checks of the building works. However, we are not employed to act as a “clerk of works” to monitor every stage of the construction process, and the onus remains ultimately with the person carrying out the works to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations.

Where a complaint is outside of this remit, there may not be any action we can take. Therefore, the matter may need to be taken up with the appointed builder or contractor or for you to seek professional and/or legal advice.

  • alternative dispute resolution service

The Building Safety Regulator ensures all RBCA’s have in place as part of their complaint’s procedure an alternative dispute resolution service. CBC provides clients with a mechanism to consider complaints to an external effective dispute resolution service by way of voluntary “mediation”. If you wish to explore this mediation service before making a claim against CBC and after taking legal advice, the following redress scheme can be engaged with subject to terms and conditions set out by the provider of this service, RICS DRS ACRE Mediation, details can be obtained by:

RICS Dispute Resolution Service

55 Colmore Row,


B3 2AA.

Tel: 020 7334 3806



Mediation is an effective tool for tackling a wide range of property and construction disputes and related issues. RICS DRS ACRE mediation service involves the facilitative role of a trained, neutral third party who will assist parties to come to and manage the settlement of their dispute. A Mediator helps to clarify and prioritise issues, crystallise needs, reality check and assist parties in search for solutions. They are facilitators who guide and manage the parties through a process on controlled negotiations to avoid escalation of conflict.

Mediation is a voluntary alternative dispute resolution method which is often encouraged by the Courts to resolve construction disputes. Mediation is confidential, typically faster, more flexible and less expensive than formal proceedings.

The RICS Dispute Resolution Service has an appointment form which is attached to this Policy for use as and when required by clients.

  • CBC will regularly review all complaints in accordance with this Policy to achieve a continued improvement to our services. This complaints policy and procedure forms part of CBC Quality Management process and the formal complaint log is reviewed regularly to ensure that wherever improvements to our services can be made, they are identified immediately and acted upon swiftly.
  • Nothing contained in this Policy and Procedure prevents a client from using CBC’s Whistleblowing Policy, details available upon request or to contact our Regulator, BSR, their contact details are:
  • Health & Safety Executive
  • Building Safety Regulator
  • Tel: 0300 790 6787
  • Web:

This Complaints Policy & Procedure has been endorsed and approved by:

Signed by Directors:

Managing Director                      Co-Director

Melap Singh                               Clive Parker

Date: 8th January 2024

Version 1.0

Approved By – Directors Date – January 2024

To Be Reviewed – January 2025