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Building Control

Complete Building Control Ltd (CBC) provides a bespoke Building Control service tailored to the particular needs of each client. The requirements of the Building Regulations can vary greatly depending on the project type and specification. CBC’s Surveyors are professionally qualified with a wealth of experience in many different types of development, both domestic and commercial.

If requested, CBC will carry out a detailed plan examination. This fast and efficient process will provide the designer with reassurance that the requirements of the Approved Documents have been met, therefore Building Regulation compliance has been demonstrated. Additionally CBC can offer a high level of consistency across all projects, ensuring that the Building Regulations have been met no matter where the project is. For clients that operate through England and Wales this is essential.

If the client has a more challenging project, which falls outside the scope of the Approved Documents, CBC surveyors are dedicated to working with the design team to formulate a solution. The Building Regulation allow for flexibility when demonstrating compliance and CBC champion this by exploring an “alternative approach”.

CBC carry all of the statutory consultation on behalf of the client, the Water Authority and Fire Authority consultation.  This information is then collated and feedback in a concise manner. This will allow the design team to address any issues, if required.

When the construction commences on site CBC Surveyors will provide the required site inspections to ensure the work complies with all the requirements of the Building Regulations. The Surveyor will work closely with the site team to ensure that the inspection is requested at the right time so not to delay the site programme or add cost, unnecessarily.  

Once the project has been satisfactorily completed, and all of the paperwork and certification has been collated, CBC will issue a Final Certificate.

Please contact us today, to commence with the legal paperwork to ensure your project can commence without delay and in line with your construction programme.